What CBD Should You Take for Your Anxiety?

Anxiety is a human problem that is here to stay. Of course, some anxiety is natural. But unfortunately, when it becomes more than a passing worry or fear, anxiety can become a disorder that interferes with a person’s ability to function in their daily lives.

About one in five adults, according to the U.S.’s Office on Women’s Health, is destined for an anxiety disorder. For women, the likelihood is doubled.

Fortunately, anxiety is treatable. And people are choosing high-quality CBD as an effective, all-natural option for managing anxiety without the harmful side effects associated with traditional medicines.


Not All Anxiety Disorders Are Alike

We don’t all experience anxiety the same. At The Hemp Haus, our mission is to recommend the CBD products that best address an individual’s personal anxiety.

While some people suffer from a general anxiety disorder, characterized by chronic anxiety, others suffer from situational anxiety, which primarily shows up as panic attacks.

Furthermore, chronic and situational anxiety break down into five different types, which further differentiate the experiences that people have with anxiety. They include:


  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD): GAD occurs when most of your days are plagued by excessive worry concerning things like personal health, social interactions, school, or work. Symptoms include feeling on-edge, becoming easily exhausted, irritability, difficulty focusing, muscle tension, and suffering from sleep issues.
  • Panic Disorder: If you experience recurring, unexpected panic attacks, you suffer from panic disorder. This disorder is a form of situational anxiety that may be brought on by a triggered, fear-based event. But also, it can come from out of the blue, for no apparent reason. Symptoms may include rapid heartbeat, sweating, shaking, shortness of breath or choking, and feelings of impending doom or being out of control. The worry caused by fear of having a panic attack can be debilitating, and because you may want to avoid having one, it could lead to agoraphobia—a fear of leaving your home—and living your life fully.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD): A person with OCD temporarily relieves their anxiety with unwanted thoughts (obsessions) and/or repetitive behaviors (compulsions). Repetitive behaviors, like excessive hand washing, counting, checking, or cleaning, provide only brief intervals from obsessive thinking. But when not performed, their anxiety can greatly increase. They are caught in a solution-cycle that is only temporary and ultimately begets more anxiety.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder: This disorder is characterized by excessive self-consciousness in everyday social situations. It may be limited to specific circumstances, such as public speaking or eating in front of others. At its most severe, a person may experience social anxiety disorder whenever they are around others.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): When someone has been exposed to a horrific event or gone through a terrifying ordeal, they could manifest anxiety in the form of PTSD. They either experienced serious harm, or it was threatened, and the fear triggered by associated things or situations, or the possibility of it happening again, can be debilitating.


Cannabinoids Relieve Anxiety Through Re-regulating Your System

People with anxiety disorders know how their anxiety paralyzes them. Managing it becomes a part of their life and can become unbearable if not managed in a healthy way. High-quality CBD products are becoming a popular way to manage different types of anxiety—and with good reason. Here’s why ...

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds derived from cannabis that work with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It is through this system that they exert their effects on the human body. The ECS is present in all mammals and is involved in the regulation of a number of body functions, including the nervous system responses. By regulating these functions, it helps to maintain the body’s homeostasis.

With regard to anxiety, cannabinoids directly target the amygdala and thus work to minimize the fight or flight reflex. Cannabidiol (CBD) binds to cannabinoid receptors in the amygdala, which are responsible for flooding the body with anxious feelings, and the stressful feelings are alleviated.


Different CBD Forms for Different Anxiety Disorders

For chronic anxiety, The Hemp Haus recommends slow releasing Ananda Hemp CBD softgels. They can be taken first thing in the morning and again at night for constant coverage. Along with these we also suggest keeping a Puffin Hemp or Ananda tincture on hand as a spot treatment for breakthrough anxiety.

Puffin Hemp and Ananda Hemp on Nature's Breakthrough[/caption]

The Puffin Hemp Liposomal Carrier and Ananda Hemp tincture are powerful and fast-acting options, which is why The Hemp Haus recommends them for immediate relief from situational anxiety. Puffin Hemp Liposomal Carrier comes in three strengths—350 mg, 700 mg, or 1000 mg—so you can really tailor it to your needs. Not only is it water soluble and broad spectrum (meaning it contains a range of cannabinoid and cannabis plant nutrients), but Puffin Hemp is also the fastest acting, highest absorbing CBD product available.

Ananda Hemp’s tincture is also fast-acting and comes in several strengths: 200 mg, 300 mg, 600 mg, and a whopping 2000 mg. This full spectrum product is loaded with additional beneficial cannabinoids and plant nutrients. It goes under your tongue for rapid relief.

Both of these products are stellar at relieving panic attacks. And because they are made from high-quality hemp, they are safe and non-intoxicating.


The Hemp Haus recommends Ananda Hemp and Puffin Hemp because they are third-party tested, transparent brands with good manufacturing practices that Eric, Zach, Caitlin, and Megan have seen with their own eyes.




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The Nature’s Breakthrough educational resource is just one of the ways The Hemp Haus practices its sincere commitment to and passion for educating people about CBD and helping them find the right, high-quality product based on their needs.

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