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The Hemp Haus co-founders Eric Oligschlaeger and Zach Allen aren’t just selling CBD. Their lives have been changed by it. The Hemp Haus backstory is one rooted in personal experiences and sacrifices, and a drive to understand how natural medicine can change people’s lives. After years of putting in the legwork, Eric and Zach have opened The Hemp Haus’ first retail location in Kansas City. This is where they get to carry out their ultimate mission: to educate people about the benefits of cannabinoids and full-spectrum CBD and help their clientele find the highest quality CBD products available.

From Cancer to Cannabinoids

As an athlete who wrestled in college, co-founder and vice president of The Hemp Haus, Zach Allen, was naturally conscious of his health, personal fitness, and nutrition. He was careful about what he put into his body, and he certainly never believed that marijuana could offer any benefits to his health.

But in 2005, he was diagnosed with cancer and was treated with surgery and chemotherapy. Months of extreme nauseaand weight-loss followed as a result of his treatment. As a last resort, Zach agreed to try Marinol, a synthetic THC, and it worked. Even though the Marinol treated his nausea, there were some downsides to the drug. The “high” effect made it difficult to function. It cost $10 a pill, and he needed four pills a day. And there were no associated health benefits like there are with the natural cannabinoids available today. But the fact that THC, a naturally occurring substance, could do for him what nothing else could in a life-threatening situation, aroused Zach’s curiosity.

In his 12 years of remission, Zach has relentlessly pursued the most recent research and development available in natural medicine. He has combined his experience as a CEO, entrepreneur, and business mentor with his drive to cultivate awareness of the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids. Zach believes that if he had known then about the preventative health and therapeutic benefits of full spectrum CBD, his experience with cancer may have been quite different—or not at all.

Building a Solid Foundation

The Hemp Haus CEO, Eric Oligschlaeger, is no stranger to the therapeutic effects of full spectrum CBD, either. Diagnosed with degenerative disc disease at the age of 21, he initially had to endure the side effects of Celebrex, which included constant stomach pain. But once he discovered the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabinoids, there was no going back for him.

Eric is also no stranger to the hemp industry. He has spent the last four years traveling more than 200 days a year, forming invaluable relationships and learning all that he can about cannabinoids and the most recent developments in the industry. CBD became his passion when he was approached by the first industrial hemp research farm in the U.S., Ananda Hemp, which specializes in high-quality, all-natural full spectrum CBD. The company’s values and regard for cultivating the mastery for growing hemp and producing the finest quality full spectrum CBD aligned with Eric’s own standards.      

Mission Driven

You would not be remiss to call The Hemp Haus team mission driven. The last few years of Eric’s and Zach’s lives have been dedicated to building a reputable wholesale business as master distributors of full spectrum CBD. Their clients include physicians, chiropractors, naturopaths, and pharmacies nationwide. They put the time in to help health care professionals understand what hemp-derived CBD is, the many therapeutic benefits it has, and how it has fewer side effects compared to conventional treatments that often do not work for patients.  

And now their mission has evolved to bring what they know to the public with their first retail location of The Hemp Haus in Kansas City. Their highly-educated staff, uncluttered inventory, and elegant minimalist décor are the results of years of refining their vision to offer authentic access to high-quality, affordable CBD.

Their clientele are the people that traditional medications have failed. They are people who genuinely need pain maintenance, but no longer have access to opioids. They are people who want an all natural approach to preventative health and therapeutic treatment for the many conditions that CBD can treat.

It’s their personal experience with high-quality CBD and their hard-earned industry knowledge that makes The Hemp Haus team stands apart from others. They can relate to their clientele 100 percent while simultaneously educating them about CBD so that their customers can leave The Hemp Haus feeling comfortable and informed. This is why so many customers have already recommended them to others. People need alternative treatments and an establishment they can trust. In Kansas City, The Hemp Haus is rapidly earning the reputation as a reliable resource for high-quality CBD knowledge and products.

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