6 Holiday Stocking Stuffers with Health Benefits

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Christmas is right around the corner, and it is time to start thinking about others...Here are some amazing CBD products packed with amazing health benefits from The Hemp Haus that will let others know you really care about them! You and your loved ones deserve some high-quality gift-love in your stockings! You can order online or come into the store. The Hemp Haus team is filled with CBD spirit for the holidays (who are we kidding—they always are), so hit them up with any questions and let them help you make your spirits bright!

Here are six high-quality products recommended by the knowledgeable staff at The Hemp Haus, where they only sell quality tested, transparently produced CBD products. As always, feel free to ask them anything about any product—they love to talk about their passion!

1. Puffin Hemp Liposomal Carrier

The little tincture that packs a punch! Puffin Hemp’s liposomal technology allows for a more efficient, innovative method of CBD delivery. Liposomes are made of phospholipids, which are the major building blocks of cell membranes. Therefore, liposomes bind easily with cell membranes to deliver the CBD to the intracellular environment. Because of this enhanced absorption and delivery, CBD can be delivered at lower doses via liposomal forms with a greater effect! Puffin Hemp Liposomal Carrier dramatically increases CBD absorption into the blood up to 20x higher than hemp and 10x higher than similar formulas on the market. This product, along with Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Ananda Hemp Spectrum Salve is part of the regiment that dramatically changed Ginny Zeigler’s life, a Hemp Haus client whose story was highlighted in Herlife magazine.

2. Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full spectrum hemp oil refers to the pure oil extracted from a hemp plant, containing unmodified cannabinoids and compounds. Unlike isolated or synthetic CBD, full spectrum CBD oil contains an assortment of cannabinoids, as well as many essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, flavonoids, and terpenes. These compounds have been proven to work more effectively when presented together in a specifically designed, synergistic manner than when separated. CBD has been proven to be a painkiller, an anti-inflammatory, and it is a much healthier, effective alternative to benzodiazepines (Xanax). Yes, it can help regulate sleep. It is available in gels caps and tinctures. Chat with The Hemp Haus team (by phone, email or in person) about which would work best for you or your loved one. CBD is non-psychoactive and nontoxic. Compared to most medications—but especially opioids and benzodiazepines—it has little to no side effects. And you can most certainly use it as a part of your preventative health routine.

3. Kana Facial Products

Your ticket to clear skin! We love the lavender CBD sleeping mask—Let it revitalize and reduce inflammation in your skin while you sleep! Kana combines full-spectrum hemp and all natural botanicals with the beauty secrets of Korea to bring out the best version of your skin. Additionally, The Hemp Haus also features Kana Purple Rice CBD Sleeping Mask, LIT CBD Premium Facial Oil Blend, and Kana Active Botanical Essence. Give yourself or a loved one (or both!) the gift of healthy, clear skin this Christmas with Kana products from The Hemp Haus.

4. Sammy Soap

Just saying the name is fun. What’s more fun is finding a Double Mint Hemp bar of Sammy Soap in your stocking! The Sammy Soap bars featured at The Hemp Haus, include Double Mint Hemp, Frankincense, Lavender Patchouli, and Holy Basil Hemp. Sammy Soap bars are a generous 4.5-ounce size and are 100% all natural. This company proudly does no harm to the planet when making their products—just another good reason to stuff them in your stockings or put ‘em in a gift bag. If you go to thehemphaus.com right now and buy three Sammy Soap bars, you get a fourth one free!

5. Super Sativa Medicinal Lip Balm

What do ladies love most about a lip balm? When it works really well! (Guys do, too!) The Super Sativa Medicinal Lip Balm is made with 100% natural, organic, non-GMO ingredients. And it features the therapeutic properties of nutrient-rich cannabis seed oil. Personally, this is the BEST lip balm I have ever come across. My lips feel 10x more hydrated after putting it on compared to other brands I’ve used. You can get it at The Hemp Haus right now—it’s even featured in some bundles with these other wonderful products we’re talking about today. It’s a perfect gift to find in your stocking and put on your lips Christmas morning!

6. Ananda Hemp Spectrum Salve Topical Cream

If you or a loved one has aches and pains on the regular, this is one sweet stocking stuffer. Rubbing Ananda Hemp Spectrum Salve on achy joints and sore muscles can provide instant relief. Just like with the Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum Oil, you’ll be getting all the benefits of a specifically formulated blend of cannabinoids, essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, flavonoids and terpenes right on the target area. Some of us are going to need that extra relaxation after the stress of the holidays!

For pain, insomnia, anxiety, and more …

Puffin Hemp Liposomal CBD (350, 700, 1000)

Ananda Hemp Softgels and Tinctures (200, 300, 600, 2000)

Ananda Hemp Spectrum 125 Salve

Ananda Touch Bliss Intimate Oil

Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum Roll On (150mg) for Pain

Ananda Pets Full Spectrum CBD Extract

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