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Sometimes life challenges us to widen our scope of experience. And it is in these breakthrough moments that discoveries are made and passions are triggered. That is what led Nature’s Breakthrough founder, Zach Allen, to create an educational resource that provides the most current research and breakthroughs in natural medicine. As an athlete who wrestled in college, Zach was naturally conscious of his health, personal fitness, and nutrition. He was careful what he put into his body, and he certainly never believed that marijuana could offer any benefits to his health. As a patient, he learned otherwise. In 2005 he was diagnosed with cancer and was treated with surgery and chemotherapy. He then experienced months of extreme nausea and weight-loss as a result of his treatment. As a last result, he agreed to try Marinol, a synthetic THC, and it worked. Even though the Marinol treated his nausea, there were some downsides to the drug. The “high” effect made it difficult to function. It cost $10 a pill, and he needed four pills a day. And there were no associated health benefits like there are with the natural cannabinoids available today. But the fact that THC, a naturally occurring substance, could do for him what nothing else could in a life-threatening situation, aroused Zach’s curiosity. As a professional in his 12th year of remission, Zach has relentlessly pursued the most recent research and development available in natural medicine. He has combined his experience as a CEO, entrepreneur, and business mentor with his drive to bring the knowledge of the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids and hemp products to other professionals as well as the general public. If he had known then about the preventative health and therapeutic benefits of CBDs, Zach’s experience with cancer may have been quite different—or not at all. Nature’s Breakthrough is his mission to promote awareness of the benefits of natural medicine.

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